wavy flags of fabulousness

Forget love.

What the world needs now is more wavy flags!

Get some of all this nonsense:

  1. strips of fabric scraps
  2. covered wire
  3. tacky craft glue or Mod Podge
  4. rotary cutter or scissors
  5. ruler
  6. bamboo skewers

farm 142

Cut your fabric into 1 inch or 1/2 inch strips. You will need 2 strips per flag.

Working with one set of fabric strips at a time, place them on your work surface with the wrong sides facing up.

Cut a piece of covered wire roughly the same length as your fabric strips.

farm 178

Loosely loosely spread the glue or Modge Podge along the edges of the covered wire. Place the wire, glue side down onto one strip of fabric. Cover the wrong side of the other piece of fabric together, and slap ‘em together like a sandwich. Slather the whole mess in Modge Podge, just to be sure. farm 179

Let the fabric dry.

Make some coffee.

Take a nap.

Mow the lawn.

Search Pinterest for other projects you’ll never make. farm 183

Wrap one of your fabric strips tightly around a bamboo skewer. It will be stiff and you may need to work it a bit to bend it around the skewer. If it won’t stay, use some hot glue to make sure it doesn’t detach from the skewer. Snip the ends on an angle to create a notched effect.

Revel in your wavy flag awesomeness.

You deserve it.

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