5.75 reasons it’s good to be a Lutheran on Reformation Day

My mom excelled at a lot of things. Coming up with Halloween costumes for her third child was not one of them. Maybe that’s why, the year I was officially too old to be trick-or-treating and with a cold that left my head plugged from my nostrils to the back of my skull, she clapped an orange wig on my head, dropped me off on one side of town, and told me to meet her at a friend’s house on the opposite side of the city.


An orange wig for a costume.



Never mind that it was sleeting. Never mind that I ate half my candy before I got to her friend’s house. Never mind that the chilly weather actually cleared out all the gunk that was making me stuffy. Never mind that my own grandmother’s porch light was turned off.

My own grandmother.

Not that I’m still thinking about this 20 years later or anything.

It’s just that I’m awfully thankful to be old enough not to have to wear a pig snout for a costume while walking through feet of snow with my sisters begging for candy anymore. Instead, I’m grateful that today I get to stay home and eat all the fun-size Snickers I want . . . before my husband finds the wrapper stash.

I also get to be thankful for Reformation Day, which, despite its appalling lack of Sixlets, is a pretty sweet gig too.

And so I present to you, 5.75 reasons it’s good to be a Lutheran on Reformation Day.

Well, first I’m going to show you these cookies my sister made. Probably you should leave some comment love for her on how fabulous these are.


5) Sturdy hymns.

With all due respect to the musical abilities of Twila Paris, I really feel the Reformation produced some pretty meaty hymns, the kind that actually stick to your bones when you’re frustrated or worried or fed up or scared. It’s time we dug those back out, learned them by heart, sang them at home with our kids. Instead of having “I’m So Fancy” on repeat in your noggin, try out “Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word.”

4) A hardcore Reformer.

You can have Mel Gibson. You can have “Freeeedommmmmm!” speeches. Heck, you can even have the kilts and the war paint. We got Luther, who was brave enough to live and prepared to die by and for the Word of the Lord, who cared more about doing what was right than his name or his reputation and didn’t even have to use #haterzgonnahate to prove it.

3) Trick-or-treating.

We have freedom in the Gospel, which means we can go to our church’s Reformation service AND dress up as a Twister board to get toothbrushes and apples from our neighbors all in one night!

On second thought, maybe just buy your own candy on your way home from church.

2) Endurance.

What was true then is still true now. We’re not hip. We’re not trendy. We’re faithful to God’s Word; we’re consistent. So when Luther wrote, “And take they our life, Goods, fame, child and wife, Let these all be gone, They yet have nothing won; The Kingdom our remaineth,” it was not only the cause for goosebumps then as now, but it was also just as apropos when he wrote it as it is today. It was true for Luther. It is true for the Christians fleeing ISIS. It is true for you.

1) Jesus.

Luther might as well have been a big, flashing, neon Vegas sign that pointed straight to his Savior. Because when we think of the Reformation, we think of Jesus, of the one died and lives to give us every good gift (even though it will usually not come in the form of the orange wig of shame and a sugar high). So with the Psalmist, you get to say, “God is for me!” (Ps. 56:9).

As for that last quarter of a point, well, see # 1.

And oh yeah . . . hapopy Reflosrmatiron Dsayt!

{Sorry. Sticky Snickers chocolate fingers. It’s never too early to start.}

7 thoughts on “5.75 reasons it’s good to be a Lutheran on Reformation Day

  1. Ecclesia Reformanda! Praise the Lord for the courage of Adriane, and for the those women, like Katy, and for those many women like our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and married and unmarried women who have witnessed to the Reformation that our Lord is always working at. Let us weep about the women caught up in our prisons, ensnared in our billion dollar porno industry, let us continue weeping for the human trafficking sickness that goes on right in my community and yours…and is ignored by too many of us who call our selves Bible toting, pew sitting Christian women and men.

    We can also shed tears for the women who are persecuted in too many lands. We pray for another Reformation in our military…where we cannot mention Jesus Christ…except in generic terms….and Jesus Christ is the heart and soul of what Dr. Martin Luther taught in his writing, speaking, and walking ministry. Let us uncourage the courage of such as Maggie Karner…who opposes assisted suicide…and let editors like Adriane be given more ink in such as the New York Times and the Washington Post. The church by the grace of God…ought to be in continuous Reformation…and let us pray that our electronic revolution be another network like Gutenberg’s printing press….which spread the Christ Reformation throughout the then world. We may be at the beginning of a new chapter in the Christian Reformation…and why not? Dr.Albert Jabs

    1. Yes, let us pray for the women persecuted in other lands, shot for wanting an education, and the increasing incidence of throwing acid on their faces. How can anyone be so cruel?

  2. Like the Church, Adriane can’t count. Except the Church usually errs in the other direction. How many apostles are there? 13? 14? Yes! I mean, no, there are twelve. How many saints in heaven? More than any man can number? Yes! I mean, no, 144,000. Usually the numbers in reality are greater than the symbolic number, but in Adriane’s sanctified, Gospel free, math, there are 5.25 reasons listed as 5.75. The only time I can think of where the Church does math the Adrian way is in the commandments. How many commandments are there? 9. I mean, no, there are 10. The only time there is less in reality than in the symbolism is in the Law. But Adriane’s giving Gospel answers.

    Great post, as usual, though. Sorry to be a troll. I couldn’t resist and I wanted to be first. 🙂

    1. Here is a little-known secret: When I was homeschooled, I cheated at math. I would copy some of the answers out of the back of my mom’s teacher key. This worked out pretty well until I ended up at a private school where I figured out I really stunk at math. It’s bad enough now that we have what I like to call “Adriane math,” which manifests itself in the exact nonsense you see above. Thanks for making it sound way more sanctified than it is. 🙂

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