sisters’ weekend, version 2.013

{This year, for the annual Dorr Sisters’ Weekend of Awesomeness, Kellee from Colorado and Lauren from Illinois joined me in Missouri at Osage Beach for a weekend of, well, awesomeness.} We relaxed to the sound of lapping waves, ducks, and me yelling, “BOATS!” every time one would pass. Because that didn’t annoy my sisters at all. We addressed wedding invitations until our hands cramped. Or until … Continue reading sisters’ weekend, version 2.013

a very vintage birthday

My sister Kellee is the real world’s answer to Martha Stewart. Minus the poncho. And the prison sentence. And the bad television show that leaves you feeling depressed and inadequate.  It also happens to be  the week leading up to her fortieth birthday, which was the perfect reason for her good friend Laura to throw her an old-fashioned soiree.  Dorr girls are known for our … Continue reading a very vintage birthday