scratching the millenial itch

IMG_8956Ask a Gen Xer or a Baby Boomer what he thinks of a Millennial—a person born between 1984 and 2002—and the response is usually the same: Coddled by their parents. Slow to adulthood. Avoiders of conflict. At ease with racial, ethnic and sexual diversity. Quick to cut ties with the Church after leaving home. The response from the Millennial isn’t much better: “Yeah. So?” Continue reading “scratching the millenial itch”

A letter to our young Christian women

Hey. Being a girl can be hard. Being a Christian girl can be even harder. But in the midst of a time and a place where femininity and humility and, well, normalcy are rare, you stand out like a city girl at a rodeo. In a good way. There are days when staying the course feels hard, and it seems like you’re the only one … Continue reading A letter to our young Christian women