thank you

crucifix1For spending more hours than normal each week writing extra sermons,

For braving the children’s pageant where little Elizabeth will inevitably set her dress on fire,

For sacrificing time with your family each Wednesday or Thursday night,

For preaching about the same things every Advent and Christmas even though those of us in the pew should remember it by now,

For leading Christmas caroling at the nursing home because the piano player forgot to show up,

For going to bed late because an elder needed to talk to you after the Christmas Eve service and for being up again early on Christmas morning to unlock the church doors,

For never being able to travel to your parents’  home during Advent or Christmas or even New Years’ Eve or Day,

For being consistently tired during the month of December,

For picking faithful hymns for these seasons of the Church Year, knowing that we will hum them throughout the week,

For listening to us struggle and cry and mourn during “the most wonderful time of the year,”

For helping us watch and wait for Jesus’ second coming with repentance and joy,

and for pointing us to Christ at every turn,

thank you, pastors.

5 thoughts on “thank you

  1. “Amen” is what I was going to say too!

    As a pastor’s daughter, I will add that this is exactly what life is like for a pastor and his family during Christmas. Busy and hectic and blessed.

    Right now, my mom is here for a couple of weeks, celebrating with her grandkids while my dad is back home, alone, preparing his Christmas sermons. He didn’t want to selfishly keep her from the opportunity to celebrate with both their children and all their grandchildren since my brother’s family might not live near us anymore by next Christmas, but this makes me sad for him having to be alone. I can’t wait for him to retire in a couple of years so he won’t have to miss out!

      1. I will! In fact, I shared this blog post with my dad just now.

        I’m so thankful for Skype — he can at least see and talk to the kids while they open his gifts and share in our celebrations in a small way!

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