lwml spring workshop

Last week, in the course of three days, I went from seeing snow in Minnesota (and mosquitoes the size of small pelicans) to nothing but sunshine in Colorado, from the Minnesota North district convention to the LWML Northern Zone spring workshop. lwml 5

The theme for the day was “walking in love” based on Ephesians 5. I hope the lovely ladies of the LWML weren’t looking to hear a laundry list of the good works they should be doing, because I told them that Christ has already walked in love for them all the way to the cross and that, because He walked in love for them, they are now able to walk in love for others.

It made sense in my head anyway. lwml 3

Because the theme dealt with walking and because the fabulous women of the LWML love giving presents, they gave me the most snazzy (and apropos) gift: silver sequined Toms wedges!

How did they know?!

Next, we treated the ladies to a cute little sketch that dealt with shoes.

lwml 7“Is your spiritual life a little flat?”

lwml 8“Do you find yourself wading through life?”
You get the idea. lwml 6

Everybody left with a heart, handmade by one of the members of the LWML, to remind us of the joy of receiving all the good gifts God has to offer, to walk in Christ’s love.

lwml 4And to top it off, I got to hang out with my gorgeous, talented sister for the day.

Spending time with faithful Lutheran women, enjoying lots of laughter, receiving beautiful shoes, and chilling with my sis?

If those gifts aren’t proof that Christ has walked in love for me, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

Or a silver, sequined wedge.

It could really go either way.


{Photos courtesy Jan Melius}

2 thoughts on “lwml spring workshop

  1. Kinda makes a gal want to go to a zone rally! Looks like fun you gorgeous girls. No cowgirl boots though???

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